The CEO Mastermind

Certainty. Execution. Opportunity.

The exclusive 3-month high-level experience for Service-Based Entrepeneurs. Get ready to create your signature process and design your business playbook for the next three years Let's do this!

I'm Ready!

It's TIME 

And you're ready! Fast Forward 90 days and YOU and your business will be unrecognizable.

We start early 2022 with a live virtual  2 day kick off event where you will get a premium mindset upgrade, create your signature process and design your business playbook for the next three years. 

You'll be immersed in mindset and strategic framework and ready to execute immediately following. We will meet weekly for coaching AND

We will meet in person for an intensive business audit in San Antonio, Texas!

You Ready? Let's DO THIS! 


The CEO Mastermind is designed to be the ultimate shortcut- propelling you for 3 year results in ONE.

  • You'll learn CEO Energy, Strategy and Selling. The foundation you will build will set your business up for the next three years.
  • You'll embody certainty energy and know exactly what results you are helping your clients with.
  • You'll execute at the most efficient level, operating your business like a business, NOT a hobby.
  • You'll create massive opportunities with your own playbook.
  • You will anchor your self-concept and the impact of the result you are creating to transform your business.

You’ll become one with the Art of Decision Making and how to create money in your business using your mind.


And that’s just two days IN. We still have three months of masterminding together.

Growing a business requires two things:

Certainty and Execution

Many coaches wait to go all-in until they feel confident they can help someone get results when confidence actually comes from taking action. 

 I'm here to help you create the business you desire while proving to you that success has no timeline. This is the ultimate shortcut on becoming the person who can create a profitable business and deliver exceptional results. 

No more waiting for permission. We become the permission.

This is the Art of Belief.

Come with me.



As Seen On


Imagine if...

  • You knew your unique process to get your clients optimal results
  • You had your own playbook for the next three years
  • You had a clear vision of where your business is heading for the next three years

It's Go Time  -

We will begin to implement everything we have learned during those two days. In this intimate group setting, you will have access and support from me and other business owners to help you implement along the way.

Our focus will be thought work as you’ve never seen before. I’ll lead you through creating money with your mind. Each week we will continue moving towards creating results based on your own strategic plan.

The only rules you'll follow are the ones you create. 

The Power of Certainty

This mastermind is for you if you have a service-based business and want to grow (or start) your business and create your signature process to create three-year results in ONE.

Let me guess, you're in one of the following phases in your business:

  • Brand new to entrepreneurship-no presence in the market or industry yet, but you have a vision? Bring it and I'll help you bring it to life by becoming the person who can execute and deliver with certainty. 
  • You are fresh faced- you have made some progress in your business, but still in your 9-5 and you don't exactly know what results your clients are getting yet and you don't have a clear signature progress- come to me. I'll help you unravel ALL of it and you'll evolve into a seasoned CEO.
  • You've mostly figured it out. You have clients coming to you from referrals, working full time in your biz with consistent income BUT there's some hustle-y energy there still. Come to me and will clean all of that up, simplify your business model, have you working less and actually resting, and scale your business while profoundly impacting your clients. 

Did you identify with one of those phases? Congratulations, The CEO Mastermind was made for YOU.

You belong here. 

You can do it.

I believe in you. 

You're closer than you think and if you are reading this, in fact, it's already begun. Come with me and don't just create a thriving business, create a legacy. 

I'm ready, Esperanza, book my call with you!
I've Been right where you are and let me assure you

There’s nothing more satisfying than standing in a space you never thought you could get to.

It’s not about HOW you will do this, it’s WHO you become throughout this process.

What’s waiting for you on the other side?

I've been right where you are and let me assure you

There’s nothing more satisfying than standing in a space you never thought you could get to.

It’s not about HOW you will do this, it’s WHO you become throughout this process.

What’s waiting for you on the other side?

How you do one thing is how you do everything

This isn't just a business coaching program. If you're not consistent in one area, chances are there's another area of your life where you are lacking belief. 

I will teach you how to identify everything you have ever created with your previous thoughts and help you drop into a new thought model to create everything you want.

I'm IN- let's talk! ➡
Listen, I know exactly how it feels 

To look around and see it moving faster for everyone else. To think they must have something that you don't. To doubt yourself or wait for the perfect time to really go all in. I'm disrupting all of that bullshit. Walk right this way...


The ultimate group coaching program for Service-Based Entrepreneurs 

Create your signature process and playbook so you can execute with certainty.


The CEO Mastermind- You'll Learn

  • Vision 🟨 Macro-level visions come to life when we start making decisions from the future business we want to have right now. What does the end of 2025 look like? We will go all the way there and make a business plan with the results we want to have then.

    This takes guessing and not knowing what to do out of your business plan. You can give your brain focused direction based on that plan and implement it at the highest level because when you commit to a plan the process gets clear.

    This is not a check the box process—you’re the CEO and that means you are in charge. I am simply your guide and coach. You’ll create a plan for your business where you’ll start making decisions from your 2024 end-of-year self. We build the business you actually want on your terms.

  • Brain-based Marketing 🟥 When it comes to marketing and selling, the only expectation you will have is the one you create. I’ll guide you on creating the process that works for you and speaking to your best clients.
  • Certainty 🟩 You will experience a massive shift over the next five months and will have results not just in your business, but in other areas of your life. You will notice how much quicker you are making decisions and implementing them.
  • Step into CEO Energy 📣You will show up differently, take up space, and embody an entirely new self-concept.

    The way you think about yourself and how you show up in the world will be completely transformed. Your breakthrough will inspire other people around you. They will see the possibility in YOU for THEM.

  • And you'll be able to achieve all of this with one extra invaluable resource... ME! This is the ultimate shortcut. We will use my experience and over 75K of investing in business and coaching and infuse it into your brain in 3 months so. you can show up, impact, and create your business your way! 
It all starts here. Get ready for a  quantum leap!


This Changes




Mailed directly to you, you'll have everything you need for our 3 -month container. 

2 Day Live Event

This is where we break it ALL open. My signature kick-off event will propel you to enter the 5-month mastermind with a rewired brain and a signature playbook for your business. 


You'll have access to watch the live event replays as well as my strategy modules to support you during the five months we have together. 

Marketing& Strategy

Neuroscience-based marketing and strategy that actually makes sense and is simple to implement. You don't always have to feel good to sell, you'll create your own process and always have content ready to go.

Private Community

You'll have access to me and your peers throughout the week in our private group. Bring your breakthroughs, your failures, and your wins. We celebrate them ALL.

Live Business Intensive 

We will meet live in San Antonio, Texas at the halfway mark in January 2022 for a business audit.  I. CAN'T. WAIT.

I'm also bringing my woo! 

You’ll experience a Rapid Transformation (RTT™) Session to find the root of your subconscious confidence and money blocks and start the next few months with a newly transformed mind.

This is my exclusive work—there’s nothing else out there like it.

Sign Me Up Now ➡


This is for you if you are ready to all in on your business. If you can see it, we can bring it to life. 


You Belong and I can help you.

This is not for you if aren't ready to be 100% responsible for your results. As your Coach and Business Strategist, I will help you architect your signature playbook, but like all things, it will only work if you do.

Sucess isn't reserved for the select few, but it does require certainty and execution.

I'll help you master both.

right this way ➡

Meet Your Business Strategist, Esperanza Lebron

Not your average "Coach"


Esperanza is a triple Certified and Accredited Executive & Professional Life Coach, from the University of Texas, The Life Coach School, and The International Coaching Federation (PCC, ICF). She has an MBA and a Master's in Organizational Development and is an Expert in Human Change.

Esperanza brings Neuroscience into her coaching philosophy to help her clients overcome a lifetime of patterns in minutes. Her passion lies in coaching others to break possibility open and helping business owners see themselves as confident CEOs. 

- Certified Executive Life Coach & MBA

I’m known for breaking possibility open and reaching big-ass impossible goals. I’m going to coach you on going all-in after yours.

Your past doesn’t matter, neither does anything you’ve tried before. We are future-focused and hold space for all of the results we are creating. When we show up that way it all becomes inevitable.

I’ll coach you through result creation and taking up the space you need to in order to create your business your way.

You ready? Come with me.


We make decisions now for the future we are creating.

  This is the breakthrough you've been searching for. 

It all starts here

Not only will you get a 2-day live event to kick off our mastermind, you'll also join me for a live business audit in San Antonio, Texas. You'll be supported with weekly coaching for three months and have access to my proprietary system to create your signature business playbook. 

Because Overdelivery is in my DNA

Let's really fast-track your success!
  • BONUS 1 -->1 (1x1) business map strategy call with me. Yes, I want to know all about YOU and your business! 
  • BONUS 2 --> Rewire a lifetime of limiting beliefs in MINUTES with my exclusive RTT Session & Hypnotic Track to start the re-wiring and transformation process, stat!
  • BONUS 3 --> Emotional Intelligence Assessment & Coaching Feedback on the EQ-I 2.0. EI is the ability to recognize, understand and manage our own emotions. and the emotions of others. EI awareness is especially important in leadership and as an EI Practioner, I'm making sure we dive into your EI! 
book my call with Esperanza
There's another way

I have joined elite masterminds and hired coaches at every level of my business. I know what it feels like to be reading this page right now. I know what its like to be the underdog, to feel like its not happening fast enough and then burned out... I was there.  


My coaching philosophy is designed with intimacy in mind, you won't be just a number in a group, you'll be a highly valued engaged player, the MVP so to speak.

My job is to be your Champion. To help you build certainty in yourself and help you execute at the highest level. 

To exemplify what quantum leaps actually are and guide you towards the first of many.

The first one starts right now. There's no more "one-day/ someday," no more waiting for the perfect time to go all in. 

If there's any part of you that's inclined to join, lean in. Decide that time is now and join me. 

I've helped my private clients book out their businesses, launch new offerings, re-brand, and most importantly create emotional resilience--the kind no dollar amount could ever buy and the kind that allows them to cash in on dividends for the rest of their life. When I say this changes everything, I mean it. 

What does your life look like this time next year? I ask because the only way to predict the future is to create it. And that's exactly what I'm here to help you do. 

Come with me. 

I can help you.

You belong in this room.

Walk right this way, CEO. I got you.

You can close your eyes if you need to and bring any fear with you, that's not a problem. I know you can do it.